Our Modern Facilities

We are proud of our clinic and the facilities that we provide as we believe they are spacious, functional, well maintained and provided in an upmarket setting.


Waiting Room

We work very hard at our scheduling and with keeping time because we really don't like to make people wait due to their busy schedules and lives. Sometimes though, if we may need a little more time with someone or if we try to accomodate someone who has arrived a little late, or even if you have arrived early, a short wait may necessary.

Our clinic at Hornbsy Spine Centre features a warm and friendly waiting area where we provide water, magazines and other reading material for you to pass the time until your visit. The toilet is just a short stroll across the passageway.

We do encourage people to arrive approximately 15 minutes before their scheduled appointment for their initial visits and 5 - 10 minutes before any other visits.

Treatment Rooms

The Hornsby Spine Centre clinic features three different treatment rooms, with two of them dedicated to chiropractic care and rehabilitation in that they have electronically adjustable tables allowing us to achieve the best results possible.

All our treatment rooms are fully stocked and able to accomodate for any of the treatment protocols required. The clinic has airconditioning for the warmer months and heated for the cooler ones to ensure your comfort.

Having multiple rooms means that we can have multiple practitioners working at the same time and also allows us to use the rooms simultaneously when during the busier times in the morning and evening.

Child Friendly

For parents who have little ones that must accompany them during their visits, Hornsby Spine Centre has a children's corner stocked with toys, building blocks and colouring books to keep the little ones busy and distracted while you are receiving care.

It is not uncommon to have little ones having heaps of fun while their parents are being cared for. We usually try to make sure that we keep an eye on the little ones even though the area is safe.

Sometimes we are lucky enough to have the friendly practice dogs coming in for a visit and it is not uncommon to find them playing with the little ones after having been coaxed from their quiet resting area.

Off Street Parking

One of the things our clinic at Hornsby Spine Centre is very lucky to have is ample safe off street parking which makes for easy, hassle free access to the clinic.

We have off street parking at the front of the clinic that is accessible from Peats Ferry Road (Pacific Highway) as well as more parking at the rear of the practice which is accessible from Silvia Street. Access into the clinic from the parking is only a short stroll.

We take great pride in our clinic at Hornsby Spine Centre.

We try to ensure that you have access to all the necessary equipment and facilities, in a comfortable setting.