Remedial Massage

Massage With Results

At Hornsby Spine Centre we offer remedial massage techniques which we believe are proven to be effective.

The remedial massage techniques we offer cater for not only the athlete who may need some post training help with recovery or before event preparation, but also for those a little less active in need of some help with tired, tight muscles.

A Little History

Documents dating back over 3 millenia found in China document the use of massage, in fact massage was used extensively throughout history by the ancient Persians, Hindus and Egyptians for the treatment of many disorders. The benefits of massage in circulatory and joint problems was written about by the father of western medicine: Hippocrates.

Modern massage techniques are used to treat a wide variety of conditions both chronic and acute and it is used extensively in rehabilitation programs of many professional sporting codes.

What Is It

Massage involves the manual movement of different target tissues through the application of force. Some of the target tissues can include muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, skin, joints and lymphatic tissue.

Apart from the obvious effects of reducing stress and tension, massage can also be used to help with lymphatic drainage, to increase muscle and joint movement, decrease pain, decrease joint stiffness and improve circulation.

What Does It Do

There are many different massage techniques used in different applications ranging from visceral manipulation to trigger point therapy, acupressure, Bowen therapy and deep tissue massage.

The clinical benefits of massage are brought about by increasing the circulation of the area being massaged, increasing the temperature through friction and pressure and also increasing the drainage of the area.

Massage is also believed to block pain perception (nociception), cause the release of serotonin and endorphins (feel good neurotransmitters) and break down scar tissue.

Our skilled massage therapists are here to help.

We listen carefully to your needs and structure the visits to deliver the best possible outcomes for you.